Specializing in:
- Fertilizer & Weed Control
- Fire Ant & Grub Control
- Organic Products
- Perimeter Pest Control for your home
- Lime
Turf Specialists Serving East Texas
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Lawn, Turf and Pest Control Services Offered in the Following Zip Codes:
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We customize our lawn care programs especially for the turf varieties found here in East Texas .

Soil type varies within a wide range from well drained sandy soils, to compact clay soils, just within a 50 mile radius.

Our staff is trained to recognize any needs with our on-site analysis. We will even do a soil test analysis, and send it to a lab for recommendations specific
for your property, upon request, at a $15 charge.
Our Premier Plan includes:
•Weed Control
•Fire Ant Control
•Grub Control
•Organic Products
•Perimeter Pest Control for your home
Lawn Care Services for Residents in
Tyler / Longview / East Texas area
Improving turf quality since 1974
East Texas Lawn Care Program
We Welcome You To Our Family So That You Can Spend More Time With Yours
Dear Potential Customer,

We all love to spend the weekends with our family taking outings and just spending some quality time
together. However, this is usually dampened because of the yard work that we need to get done. But
you don't have to take this time to kill the weeds or fertilize your lawn. You can hire our Wood County
lawn service. Our lawn service company is called Professional Custom Applications and our main
location is 110 Private Road 7543 in Hawkins, Texas. There are several services that you can choose
from including fertilizer, weed control, fire ant control, grub control, and perimeter pest control.

We are a lawn care service that wants to allow you to be able to spend more time with your family
instead of worrying about the work that you have to accomplish keeping your yard healthy. You can join
all the other families that have hired our East Texas lawn service and have the grass greener on your
side of the fence. We, here at PCAturf, are focused on making your lawn look as beautiful as possible
without you having to lift a finger.

We have very affordable rates for the services that we offer. You can call us at any time to set up an
appointment in order to get an estimate. We can have you put on our regular schedule the very next
day.  We will not only keep your lawn healthy, but we will also kick those pests out as well. Your lawn will
be tended to ten times a year giving it a chance to grow more brilliant during the next season and leave
your home pest free. If you have a lawn that is not in great shape, we can even perform a soil analysis in
order to perscribe the best formula for a great looking lawn. We are professionals at everything we do.
When your lawn looks good, then we look good. We look forward to working with you in taking care of
your lawn and giving you the free time back that you deserve.


The Family at Professional Custom Applications
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